In our ongoing effort to provide our clients with the best service possible at, we guarantee to match a competitor’s* current price for an identical item.

Terms and conditions:

To qualify for a price match, the following conditions must be met:

• Show proof via a live website link to the specific item on a competitor’s website.

• The item must be in the same brand, style, colour and size.

• The item must be in stock and full priced on the competitor’s website and not on sale, discounted, or part of a promotion.

• The shipping option on the competitor’s website must be set to the same country as the delivery country and must include any shipping fees and taxes.

• The price on the competitor’s website must be shown in British Pound. If GBP is not available, we will use the exchange rate of the day before.

• We price match on the value of an item, not on the value of the total order.

• A competitor is any European or international website that we consider comparable to the brands and collections we offer at and which we deem as authentic. Price matching does not apply on products listed on US-based websites.



To prove the lower price, you must show the live website link to a store representative or email it to or WhatsApp it to +44 2207 235 4146.

• If you show proof before you make your purchase, we will charge you the lower price immediately.

• If you show proof (within 14 days) after your purchase, we will offer store credit for the difference in value.



If offers a discount (in-store or online) on an item within 14 days of your purchase, we will compensate you with store credit for the price difference.

• All previous conditions and policies remain the same

• reserves the right not to price match if the item is on sale, has been discounted, or is part of a promotion.